Tuesday, July 18, 2006

UK Google Maps Mashup Roundup Part 2/2

London Hotels Mapped by Tube Station - TubeHotels.com plots the locations of hotels close to all tube stations in London. Search by station or specific hotel name and results get plotted on a Google Map. Each hotel in the list shows how far it is from the closest tube station. Very handy. More information can be found here..

London Land Grab on Google Maps - London's Capital Radio has a clever way to raise money for a good cause from their website using Google Maps - Let people "own" a London landmark by pledging a few pounds for virtual ownership. On LondonLandGrab (.com) you can adopt tube stations, pubs and schools (and more) as your own and lay claim to them. Check out what people have adopted on the map!

London Blue Plaque Places - The Wikipedia definition for blue plaques reads: "In England, a blue plaque is a sign attached to a house where someone famous once lived (or sometimes where a notable event took place) to commemorate that fact." This Google Map plots the photographs of 13 locations of these blue plaques (and estimates there are 747 to go!) [Via Gridskipper]

UK Local Knowledge Directory.. Mapped! - KnowCal.co.uk has created a way to interact with its local business directory on a Google Maps interface. Create an instant mashup up all locations of all Nightclubs, Nurseries or Nail Technicians by selecting the alphabetical list or sort through sub categorized ethnic restaurants, Shopping or Tourist activities. This is a true database mashup!

Monopoly Pub Crawl
UK Classifieds + Google Maps
EventSites - UK Web 2.0 site employing Google Maps
UK Climbing Experiences [via]
UK GeoJobs [via]
Old London Town - Crime/History Map

Other Great UK Google Maps Mashups:

Traffic & Transportation: London Tube Journey Planner, GTraffic, PetrolPrices, BBCTraffic News, Traffic Incidents, Speed Cameras
Real Estate: Nestoria, Zoomf, OnOneMap, UK Property Search
Shopping/Eats: SuperHighStreet, eBay UK Search Tool, UK BiteFinder
UK Info: 5 day UK Weather, UK MegaMash, Library Map UK, Mapping UK schools to postcodes, UK School Map, Pubs of London
Places: London UK Places Google Sightseeing, Interesting Satellite Locations, Panoramic Images of London, UK Dr. Who Taping Locations, TV Map UK
Sport/Leisure: Professional UK Football Grounds, BBC UK Sport Map, UK Motorsport Venues, Nike Run London Route Finder UK, UK Local Walking Routes, UK Orienteering

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