Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2 Cool New Google Maps Viewing Tools

Google Maps metaviewer lets you fade maps together - This new viewing tool could be described as a "meta maps mashup" of several mapping services, which includes Google Maps. While some other Google Maps viewing tools allow you to toggle on/off other mapping providers, most only permit you to view one layer at a time. Ocarto allows you to select a few layers at a time, increasing and decreasing the transparency of each, to allow you to perform a true meshed overlay view. The interface is clean and easy to use and sliding the maps layers on and off is really fun to do. Map providers include Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth and Terra Server. You can even save your current view as a link or send it via email. Very cool tool!

3D Google Maps shortcut to Google Maps - Toddy Marx of Germany has created a way to select a location on Google Maps by using a Shockwave based globe as a starting point. (Up to date Shockwave Player is required) It's rather simple. Spin the globe (in much the same way you spin it in Google Earth), then double click on the area of the globe you want to view in Google Maps. For note, I wanted to zoom in on the globe before selecting but unfortunately this is not possible. Toddy writes: "I hope it brings a little bit of the Google Earth feeling into Google Maps."

Other great Google Maps Viewing Tools:

  • ACME Mapper
  • PowerMap Google Maps Viewer
  • EarthTools
  • Idelix GMaps Viewer
  • Back Country Maps
  • Still more here..
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