Tuesday, August 01, 2006

6 new US Google Maps Mashups

Boston T Transit Mashup - Hoping to assist with the mess created by the Big Dig, the previously mentioned DC MetroMapr transit mashup has added a new map of the Boston T. The site has a very nice clean design and allows for large map viewing with supporting text tables of stations and also a cool geocoder tool that gives you the lat/long at the center of the map.

[Link]: A great Google Maps mashup of 19 North Amercian cities (and London UK) with full hotel information. Info includes, Hotel Website, Recent Priceline Wins for that Property, Hotel Reviews for that Property and Hotel Photos. A great companion to using Priceline.com or Hotwire.com. For an example view Chicago.

New York Sounds Google Maps Mashup - From the site: What kinds of sounds can you find in New York City? With Sound-Seeker, you can zoom, pan and search for sounds with interactive satellite photos or detailed maps of New York. Click on hot spots to listen to the recorded sounds of a location based on gps tracking. Sound-seeker is a part of the NYSoundmap project of The New York Society for Acoustic Ecology (NYSAE), a New York metropolitan chapter of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology. (Look carefully for the map icons matching the site logo) [Via ProgrammableWeb.com]

Boston Cow Parade Map - public art meets charity, focusing on cow sculptures with humorous or local flavor. Includes photos. (Creator: Geoff Menegay).

US Antenna Map - Plots locations of all antennas (Cellular, Paging, Microwave, etc) in the US on Google Maps as well as the locations of registered towers, non-registered towers, and future towers.

Environmentally Friendly Cross Country Journey - Even though this cross-US trip is over check out how well Google Maps was integrated into this trip site. Driven was a flex-fuel vehicle that stopped only at gas stations that offered E85, a mix of 15% gasoline
and 85% ethanol.
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