Thursday, August 31, 2006

Educational uses of Google Maps

With the 2006/2007 school year nearly upon us across the northern hemisphere educators everywhere are getting their classrooms ready and fine tuning curriculum. Google Maps (and mashups) are free, interactive educational tools that allow students to easily learn more about the world they live in. If you're looking for ideas, here is a collection of links that will give you ideas and show you how Google Maps and Earth is being used at the school level. Parents could even use these ideas with their children at home as well.

Teachers Teaching Teachers: Sharing Stories with Mapping - A 49 minute Mp3 audio file that invites listeners to "Join us to share ways that we have and that we are planning to use Google maps or mapping in our schools. How do our newest technologies encourage us to expand our use and study of mapping in the classroom and in the digital story room?"

Use Google Maps Mashups in K-12 Education - A blog post that outlining how Google Maps tools and mashups can be used to map walking routes, measure area and teach earth science.

A Windowless Room With a View: How Digital Mapping Tools Can Change Our Perspective on Learning - One part in a 3 part series. Here is the description: "This article examines the digital macro-point of view and more specifically the rapidly evolving world of geospatial tools that are accessible to educators and students like Google Earth. This means they are free, guided by open source development, and easily mashed with other digital information."

Educator website uses Google Maps to connect students with pen pals - TheTeacher'sCorner (.net) allows teachers to plot their school on a Google Map in an effort to locate pen pals for their students. Narrow the map pins displayed by grade and other options.

Google Maps Mania Mashup Categories of note: Weather and Earth, History Maps, Travel and Tourism, Google Maps Viewing Tools

Google Earth:

Back to School - Educational Uses with Google Earth (From the Google Earth Blog)
Educational use of Google Earth Free in schools, universities is allowed (From the OgleEarth Blog)

Other School-related Google Maps Tools and Mashups:

  • NEW: helps you find local post-secondary schools - Using Google Maps this new tool lets you plot schools based on your zip/postal code in the US and Canada. This helps to reduce commute times and gas expenses. [Thanks to Adena at the All Points Blog!]
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