Friday, August 18, 2006

Flickr + Google Maps =

+ =

Okay. This is one of the cooler mashups I've come across in the past little while. is an awesome mashup that combines the popular photo sharing site Flickr with Google Maps! It allows you to cruise Flickr photos, tags and people based on geotagged location. The interface is great! As you center and zoom on the Google Map a selection of 50 Flickr pics for that current zoom level are displayed. As you hover over a thumbnail an arrow quickly shows you what location on the map the picture is taken from. From there, the picture viewer brings the photo up in large size with a descriptive text overlay that can disappear if you want a good look at the photo. also gives you a how-to (see: 'create' tab) on geocoding your Flickr pictures so they can be displayed in this way (You can also use this geotagging tool or a similar tool from Blockrocker). Geodevelopers Sumaato Labs acknowledge the components that go into this application: "Address search is provided by Google and Photos are shared via Flickr and satellite imagery via Google Maps. Programming frameworks are based on Helma and Prototype." Check out more details about here. Let's just hope the recent Picasa Web Albums "test" launch will spawn this kind of photo mashing..

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