Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Germany Google Maps Mashup Roundup


Welcome to our first big roundup of all German Google Maps Mashups. Stefan from the German Google Maps blog Google Karten helps out with most of these links so be sure to tune into his blog for all the newest German Google Maps mashups.

ReggaeMap is a site that visualizes the german Reggae-Scene. It shows artists, bands, festivals and more. Any kind of information about Reggae, Ragga & Dancehall music which is location-based is plotted onto a Google Map for you to browse.

PTViewer - Shows neat images of German locations in a very cool panoramic viewer

German & Worldwide Airports Mashup - Plots locations of all major and secondary airports (English toggle available)

Golfplatzfinder - Search for golf courses in a 20, 50, 100 KM radius of a given location [via]

Mapits.de is Germany's first Google Maps based real estate search engine. It's possible to search for houses, apartments, and commercial facilities. The map is powered by ImmobilienScout24 which has more than 100,000 properties.

MyMaps24.de - Here is another Google Maps based real estate search engine. [via]

ImmDex.de - Real estate search engine that uses Google Maps

With Geojob.de you can search for jobs by region. Just click on the map and get all job offers in that area. The info window shows a list with jobs and some Google News related to the location. Geojob.de can search for jobs in Germany and the United States.

ICJobsMap Germany - Another Google Maps jobs search engine. [via]

The parents initiative of missing children represents organizations for missing children in Europe and plots last-seen locations of children on a Google Map. The newest search messages are also indicated clearly on a Google Map.

Schwarzwaldbike indicates Events, Shops and Routes in a Google Map. The map even features an elevation profile.

The Track Viewer makes it possible to show tracks from a GPS-File on a Google Map. All you need is a Track-File in GPX-format. This file can be uploaded in the Track-Viewer to get the data on Google Maps.

Google Maps Help and Tutorials:
PlanetGMaps is Germany's first Google Maps online community. The goal of the site is it to bring people together which are interested in programming with the Google Map API. The site offers a Linklist, a Wiki and a Forum.

Testticker.de published an article which describes the installation of a Google Maps into a web page. The article is divided into the several chapters.

Last but not least there's a new Google Group called Google Maps DE where you can discuss the Google Maps API in German.

Previously mentioned Google Maps Mashups and tools for Germany:
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