Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Google Map of Fatal Crashes in the US

Mapping Fatal Crashes - CrashMaps takes combines up a database of fatal crashes in the US from 2001-2004 and maps them onto Google Maps. Searching options for this app include a city and zipcode search along with a method to draw your own polygon, then search within that zone for fatal crashes. You can even search for fatal crashes along a given driving route. Map markers indicate a drunk driving fatality, pedestrian fatality, or other fatal accident. There are many uses for this site. For example, you could reference an area you're about to purchase a home in if you suspect the street safety might be at risk or you could use the drunk driving fatality search to draw awareness to a growing issue in your city. Consider using the driving route search to determine how safe your commute is. Either way this a very eye-opening web mapping application. [Found Via]
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