Friday, August 04, 2006

Google Maps in context

MY Book: Beginning Google Maps Applications - Aug.3/06
Towards best practices for mashups - Aug.2/06
Responses to Ads on Web Search vs. Maps - Aug.2/06
Google Exclusivity Deal with DigitalGlobe Impacts
SlashGeo - Aug.1/06
Google Maps Was Built in Two Weeks - Aug.1/06
Google Earth and Katrina help
Official Google Blog - Jul.31/06
Trulia Distributing Its Maps To Local Realtors
Chew Shop - Jul.30/06
Google Controlling your car or plane?
Plip's Weblog - Jul.30/06
Summary of Google's Michael Jones' Keynote Address at GeoWeb 2006
Meharties@Blogspot - Jul.28/06
Tabulator from Tim Berners-Lee Blog - Jul.28/06
Once again print Google Maps larger than 640 x 480
Gorndog@Blogspot - Jul.27/06
Mibazaar writing a book on Google Maps Mashups - Jul.27/06
Saving the galaxy, one traffic jam at a time
Official Google Blog - Jul.25/06
Google: Features Aren't New And Different And Wow - Jul.24/06
In the Race With Google, It’s Consistency vs. ‘Wow’
New York Times - Jul.24/06
Another Sign Online Mapping Has Real World Implications
All Points Blog - Jul.21/06
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