Sunday, August 20, 2006

Google Maps mashups for France

Drive in a Ferrari through the streets of Paris - A while back (perhaps even a year ago) I made mention of a map that was created using Google Maps of the 1978 short film, "Rendezvous" set in Paris. The map has been taken a step further on where the film is played in a small Google Video window, while below the route is drawn for you as the film progresses. Switch to satellite mode and you can follow along all the twists and turns this Ferrari 275 GTB makes as the driver speeds toward his awaiting lover. It's a pretty wild ride! (Follow the instructions carefully and be sure to hit the "GO" button right at the 4 second mark!)

More Google Maps mashups from France (All are in French language):

Geo-Trotter - A french language "collections" site with interesting satellite images bookmarked to view
Yakaz - Local search engine for classified advertisements. (Check out this related article)
Zagaz - Community driven fuel price site mapping gas stations and current prices. Lists ALL gas stations in France.
Lokaliz - Google Maps + eBay France search mapping tool
(Thanks to our French correspondent Renaud Euvrard for these above links!)

More Google Maps France links:

Google Maps France - Official Google Maps site for France
Wikimapia: Paris - Zoom out for more places in France, or switch to "French" language
Zorgloob Maps - From the popular Zorgloob Google Blog
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