Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More new Google Maps mashups from Australia!

Fact: Did you know that Google Maps was first developed by an Australian company, that was later acquired by Google? Apparently it was pulled together in just a few short weeks! Pretty impressive. With that, here are all the new Australian Google Maps mashups I've been able to find over the past several weeks. I've also posted a list of all the mashups and tools I've mentioned in previous posts.. Enjoy!

First Australian Real Estate Google Maps Mashup - hits the Australian online real estate scene as the first known Australian real estate website making use of the Google Maps API. It covers the entire country and is powered by a proprietary geocoding system and includes a database of 8,000+ suburbs. The downside is that it doesn't appear to be viewable in the FireFox browser so be sure to check out this mashup in Internet Explorer only!

Map your fishing trips - Shaun Parkinson has created a new website which utilizes the Google Maps API to help anglers record and map their fishing experiences. All aspects of a fishing trip can be recorded and referenced to identify patterns in times, localities, tides and detailed weather conditions. Check out the Google Map on the page which shows you public info. It's best to register for an account to dive in and look at all available data.

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