Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New US Google Maps Mashups: Red Light Cams, NYC Parking and more!

Google Mapping Red Light Cameras in 16 US Cities - Photoenforced has just launched a unique road maps mashup for drivers in 16 US cities. Google Maps is mashed up with a database of red light cameras, plotting their exact locations and the associated fine for being caught on these cameras for running a red light! Browse cameras for your city from this Google Maps starting point or do a more thorough database search from the main page. How many red cameras are you being watched by on your way to work? Now, if only Google Maps for Mobile would integrate this into their live-traffic overlay feature! :)

Find Parking in New York City on Google Maps - Here's a great mashup for New Yorkers or tourists in the city looking for parking. The search for parking spots drills down from daily or monthly parking then to neighborhood, address, cross street or attraction. Select your entry and departure times and lots that match your search are plotted onto a Google Map for you. The "Attractions" search will help you find parking near Sights, Museums, Theaters, Sports & Exhibitions, Hospitals, Shopping and Hotels. This is a functional, useful and very well designed interface with a nice big map view to browse around on. (More NYC mashups here) [Via Curbed.com]

Pete Ashdown U.S. Senate campaign signs - People can even upload pictures of their homes with the sign to the map. Check out this interview with the mashup creator for more insight.
South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles - State officials integrate Google Maps API to display office locations and details.
California Online Streaming Radio Map - Showing local radio stations that broadcast on the Internet. [via]
US Zip Code Map Update - Now uses ZCTA zip code polygons from the 2005SE Tiger/Line files. Far more accurate - This page shows the differences as an added layer. Give it a try! (This blog will keep you up to date on changes to this useful Google Maps tool).
Crime Mapping - I have corrected the link I have on the right sidebar. Be sure to take another look at this great mashup - it was one of the first during the initial mashup craze last year!
Google Map of 19th Century Baseball player photographs
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