Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New Zealand Google Maps Mashup Roundup

New Zealand Windfarm Mashup - Greenpeace New Zealand has created a new Google Maps mashup of all windfarms in New Zealand. Appropriately named domain includes this mashup which plots the exact locations of proposed, under construction, operating and "approved but appealed" windfarms around the north and south islands of New Zealand. Cool windmill map icons reveal a short description and status of the project, along with the owner of each farm. What's interesting is that it shows how many homes are, or will be, powered by the farm. [Via]

Find hidden secrets in New Zealand satellite imagery - With the recent upgrade of Google satellite mapping imagery for New Zealand the Gadgetophile blog points us to some hidden gems for various locations around New Zealand. Gadgetophile takes you on a very detailed tour of places such as the famed Cape Reinga lighthouse. The description reads: "...The Â’spiritualÂ’ northernmost point of New Zealand. If you look at the map, the physical northernmost point is across to the east a little way, but the lighthouse at Cape Reinga is the most readily accessible area, and quite often referred to as New ZealandÂ’s northernmost point."

Previously mentioned Google Maps mashups and tools for New Zealand:
Have you created a Google Maps mashup for New Zealand? Is there one missing from this post? Please let others know by posting a comment! If you want to create a New Zealand Google Maps mashup, start here or here!
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