Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Zealand Google Maps Real Estate Mashup

= New Zealand's first Google Maps Real Estate Mashup!

The Google Maps mashup scene is starting to pick up! New Zealand real estate group Harcourts has taken hold of the Google Maps API and fully integrating it as a centerpiece in their property map search function. The integration can be found on The main page even greets you with the Google Maps logo! Making use of recently released street maps for New Zealand, the application searches based on the usual property types and number of bedrooms, with the resulting search being plotted on a Google Map for you explore. There are great street and road maps with great detail and the satellite imagery speaks for itself with awesome clarity. The fact that New Zealand is such a stunning country helps as well. :) [Hat-tip to Fraser Mills for this suggestion!]

Since my last NZ update there have been a few new mashups and some blog chatter. Here is an update:
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