Thursday, August 03, 2006

US Beer, Wine & Liquor Google Maps Mashups

The ultimate mashup for winery tourists - Immediately upon visiting this website a message is displayed: "WELCOME TO WINES and TIMES, the website that allows you to plan your own winery tour anywhere in the United States." Click on a state map pin and then drill down into various regions. It maps vineyards and wineries, along with known wine festivals or events. A cool feature allows you to collect all the wineries you wish to visit and build a tour, similar to an online shopping basket, and these wineries then get mapped with a special pin. This is a fantastic Google Maps mashup to use when planning your next trip!

Liquor Stores near Seattle - Looking to buy liquor at a store in Washington state? In order to do this you must find a state accredited store. To make this process easier than the The Washington State Liquor Control Board website, Kyle Mulka has created a Google Maps mashup of all the store locations from the site. He describes his dilemma in this blog post: "The Washington State Liquor Control Board has a website where you can locate the liquor store nearest you. However, the best you can do there is search by city. That doesn'’t help much when you live in a big city like Seattle and don'’t have a car." The map provides store locations, then links into the Control Board's site. (Kyle also has a good overview of Google Maps here and check out his collection of past projects here)

The Beer "Coastr" Google Maps Mashup - Coastr describes itself as "the social guide to beer". It allows site visitors to search for beers by brewery, tags or origin. It even contains a section where you can search for places where you can drink beer. This is where the Google Maps integration comes in. For those locations in the US, a Google Map for each location points you to bars and breweries where you can enjoy a mug of suds. [Via]

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