Saturday, September 02, 2006

11 Worldwide Google Maps Mashups

Party Pictures from the World on Google Maps - Here's a fun new Google Map to browse around on. If you're a club or party goer in one of the world party hotspots you might have been caught in one of these many pictures which have been mapped out on Google Maps. Interested in what you're missing out on in Shanghai, Bangkok or Paris? Take a look at the pretty lights and the pretty people! :)
Air Turbulence Forecast Map - Heading out on a flight today? Before leaving take a quick peek at this new Google Maps mashup that maps out TurbulenceForecast's live air turbulence reports. Circles on the map indicate smooth, light, moderate or severe conditions. Now you can find out if you'll be wearing coffee in your lap or not!
Worldwide HIV/AIDS Abuses - Master Google Maps mashup developer Virender Ajmani was called upon by Human Rights Watch to build this eye-opening Google Map of reported HIV/AIDS abuses. Each map pin tells a story..

Other Worldwide Google Maps Mashups:

Search and Go Weather Map - Drill down from regions, then cities, to see how Google Maps is used on this extensive weather site.
Worldwide Disc Events - Find ultimate frisbee tournaments, pickup games etc.. all over the world!
Regent Seven Seas Cruise Maps - First use of Google Maps in the cruise line industry! Click "Interactive Map" links for Google Maps for the ports of call on each route. Toggling to satellite views will let you see what terrain and landscape you'll be taking in when the ship drops anchor! [Thanks Mark!]
Worldwide Real Estate on Google Maps - Offering free Google Maps (and Earth) based service to home-sellers and real estate offices. People can create their own profile with contact information, including Google Talk indicator.
Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserves [Via]
Tanglewood Music Center 2006 Fellows
World Sounds Mashup undergoes an update - Some neat javascript clustering going on now as well as a serious rewrite of Jef Poskanzer's clustering script.
Biotech Industry Conference Tool - Biocomicals enables users especially, academicians from institutes, universities or researchers in the biotech industry for life science and
medicine to search for available worldwide conference info. Conference start, end dates, due dates, locations, web sites are available and they are all color coded on the map. There's also a job search tool.
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