Friday, September 22, 2006

2 cool Google Maps mashups for DC and Philly

Philly Sound and Maps Mashup - Here is a fantastic new Google Maps mashup from the "Official Visitor Site of Greater Philadelphia" ( that combines sound with Google Maps. It's called Sound About Philly. Various guided audio tours bring you through Philadelphia's history, "flavorhoods", and residents' perspectives of this great city. You can also create your own sound mapmash and leave it for others to view. It's a model mashup for other city tourism sites!

DC Punk History Maps Mashup - Here is another Google Maps app that pushes the mashup envelope. Combining in-map (and podcast) video clips, giant picture map pins, and interviews this Google Maps history mashup brings you on a tour through Washington DC's punk past. Each map marker contains another chapter of how punk culture was formed in DC and for each marker you can SMS to receive this info on your mobile. This, along with the video podcast and PDF map makes this a mobile city tour you can take with you. [Via NPR]
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