Thursday, September 21, 2006

3 new Google Maps mashups - California, NYC, Boston

San Jose Gas Prices - Here is a new Google Maps mashup for folks that live and/or work in the San Jose area. It displays locations of each gas station, along with the current price for various grades of fuel. Map markers show a user submitted price and question marks on the map are awaiting submission. This could be a handy tool to reference before leaving work in the afternoon. It's also another one of those recent mashups that I think would be even better to check out on a mobile device! To make it even better, be sure to register to add price info for the station you're filling up at. [Via ProgrammableWeb]

San Luis Obispo Google Maps mashup - Here is a fine example of how a community portal or city website can integrate Google Maps. serves tourists and residents of San Luis Obispo, California and have recently integrated a Google Maps view into many areas including: golf courses, wineries, restaurants, hotels, real estate... attractions, events, web cams, shopping and cinemas. Check out these Google Maps by selecting various page links from the left-side bar.

New York Metro, Boston Property Search - Urban Registry is a simple property search tool, that lets you find a house, co-op, loft or condo in New York Metro or Greater Boston. It uses a small Google Maps view to plot the location of your search results. [Via ProgrammableWeb]
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