Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Australia Google Maps Mashup Roundup!

"Go Do Australia" Tourism Mashup - Godo ( is a fantastic Australian travel and tourism site that lets you browse a wide range of activities and make online bookings. This is great for the budget traveler that is planning as he/she goes or for Australian residents looking for weekend or holiday activities. Godo has integrated Google Maps into the browsing and booking experience by plotting the activities on a Google Map. You reach the Google Map after choosing the state from the main page. [via]

Colour Sydney Street Photographs (Click on: "click here to dive straight in!") - Andrew Nemeth has taken some awesome photos around the Sydney area and geocoded them to their location on Google Maps. This map (follow the instructions above to find the map) will show you all the photos. Click on the picture in the info window to view them in full size. There are some fantastic shots of Sydney life here. The mapping of the photos allows you to visualize where each picture is taking place.

Awesome Sydney Panoramic Views (Click on: "click here to dive straight in!") - Andrew Nemeth has also been busy taking panoramic movies as well. This map shows all VR panoramic views and their mapped location in the Sydney area. Included in this map of VR-views (follow the instructions above to find the map) are panoramics taken on the set of the Superman Returns movie! The Sydney Opera House is the best in my opinion! :)

New Google Maps Real Estate Mashups:
Realestate ( [via]
MyPackage ( [via]
More Australian Real Estate Mashups

Sydney Morning Herald reports on nude sunbather found on Google Maps/Earth - I caught a great article from Online Technology Editor Stephen Hutcheon of the Sydney Morning Herald this past week that covers the infamous nude sunbather that has been discovered on Google Maps/Earth (Note: the image is better on Earth than Maps). The ball got rolling with this post from GoogleSightseeing which was then severely digged. Stephen brings proper journalism principals to the human interest story in this fantastic article that brings us even more information about the imagery. He's even created a short clip that is available on YouTube that shows you where the person is located. Watch it here..

EarthWallpapers - More on this in a later post, but Lucas Ng from tells me a few Sydney guys made this one..
RememberTheMilk - Web 2.0 task manager site recently integrated with Google Maps. This site is produced in Australia.
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