Sunday, September 03, 2006

Google Maps odds and ends

New Google Maps Games:
Google Maps World War: EndGame - The last big games mention was Goggles, the Google Maps flight simulator. Here's a new one that lit up Slashdot a few weeks back called EndGame. Start with a game of 2-25 other real, online players then randomly receive a set of countries with troop hitpoints based on real world population data. Attack neutral and enemy countries in an effort to try to take over the world! All this on a Google Map! Also there are a few new Google Maps "Land Claim" games to mention - Claim The Earth & Earth. My Way [ Find more Google Maps Games here.. ]

Google Maps Book Map: Douglas Adams' "Last Chance To See" - Gareth Suddes has set up this new "Book Maps mashup" that plots the locations from a popular Douglas Adams book. It includes a Google Earth KMZ/KML file that can also be viewed in Google Maps! For more on the "book maps" trend check out this past post.

Ted Timmons over at Sightseeing with Google Satellite Maps dropped me a line to show me his new ways to display motorcycle trips that he takes. Here's one with his small routes and waypoints. Here is a monstrous trip that he tooled with maps links for the individual day pages. This is a great example of how Maps, Earth and the new KML-to-Maps feature can be used to document a journey!

MapYourAncestors (.com) now mashes up with - Now with over 1.5 billion names in its database! Other new Google Maps features includes the ability to create family tree maps, life chronology maps, and other traceable maps
Here are some examples: Bush Family Tree Map, Bush Life Map, Clinton Family Tree Map, Clinton Life Map

This US Google Maps view claims to be an underground nuclear test site
New Web 2.0 sites using Google Maps: JibberJobber, Koork, GeoTract
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