Saturday, September 16, 2006

Google Maps sights

Google Maps satellite images provide some fantastic web browsing and with the recent updates to this satellite imagery there are even more places to now discover. A great way to learn about these places is to check out the Collections sites here on Google Maps Mania:

Sightseeing with Google Maps:
Capsized Cruise Ship in Korea - An interesting satellite image of a listing cruise ship with accompanying photograph and news story!
Docked Oil Platform - A vivid image in Belfast, Ireland.

Great new images of Dubai, UAE:
Have you seen the famous Palm islands before? They're a large housing community in the shape of a palm tree in Dubai (Wikipedia article):
Palm Islands - Jumeirah
Palm Islands - Palm Jebel Ali
World Islands under construction
Burj Hotel - Now has closer detail
Interdimensional Portal - This can only be interdimensional portal technology! :)
Floating Brothels - The infamous "Zandpad" on the river Vecht, Utrecht.
The guys that run actually have a book coming out that cover cool places from their site. It's called: Off The Map (Pre-order only)

Matt's Wikimapia Blog - First, if you haven't seen Wikimapia, go there now.. Quickly! It's a site that lets you annotate/edit Google Maps locations, wiki style. A blog has emerged to cover this site not by the creators, but instead a user!. A sub-culture is actually being created by this site! He's just getting started so there are only a few posts but I find it interesting that a blog is starting for this great Google Maps tool!

Here is a blog post I found with static images taken from Google Earth of a battle taking place in Baghdad.

DigiNewYork - The popular DigiLondon site that gathers interesting Google Maps satellite locations of London, England has expanded to New York City USA! Browse these city specific collections sites and add them to your list of tourism resources.

French satellite map sightseeer Geo-Trotter now has an English site. Check out their special page which covers the famous Nazca lines.
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