Sunday, September 10, 2006

Google Maps Travel Mashups and Tools

Welcome to readers of The New York Times, PC Magazine and Budget Travel Magazine! Google Maps mashups and tools are great resources for planning your next trip, using while you're on the road and for showcase your travels when you get back. To get you started here are some great mashups and tools to check out:

Virtual Tourism - Tourist hotspots + YouTube videos
Virtual Video Map - Another video + Google Maps mashup
Wikimapia - "Wiki" style info of Google Maps' satellite locations
Sightseeing with Google Satellite Maps
Google Sightseeing - Interesting stories about world locations
GeoWalk - Click and get wikipedia, Flickr, Hotel info
GChart - World info: currency, time, travel, weather, videos
Geonames - Another Wikipedia + Google Maps tool - World Flickr photos on a Google Map
World Webcam Map - Browse world views on a map
UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Add these to your travel plans
WeatherBonk - Sometimes it's hard to find local weather. Try this.
GolfBonk - Find a place to get in a round.. anywhere!
UK Tourist Information Maps
See what's on the opposite side of the world from where you are!
Send a postcard to this fellow while traveling!
Find a running route in any city!
Turnhere - Video, maps based travel guides (US)
Find Airport Parking - Map out inexpensive airport parking (US)
Daily Trip Deals - RSS feeds from Expedia, orbitz etc.. mapped.'s Frugal Traveler column
Tube Hotels - Find Hotels near tube stations (London)
UK Airport Hotels - Discounted room rates and parking at UK hotels (UK)
Make a travelogue with CommunityWalk or Platial
Google Map your photos using one of the many resources available
Google Maps - Look up locations, search businesses and get directions

I appeared on G4TechTV's Call for Help show discussing ways that Google Maps can be used to plan your next trip. It's only .99 cents to watch from Google Video and it can be found here!

Check out more travel related Google Maps mashups in one of the many categories here on Google Maps Mania including: Travel & Tourism, City Information, History Maps, Recreation & Fitness, Events & Sport
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