Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Google Maps World Mashups: Bible, Pirates, Leaders

Google Maps mashing the Bible - Here is a map which depicts 200 locations from the bible. The description, taken from it's page on ProgrammableWeb notes "Going for accuracy they try to pinpoint the locations of the ruins of ancient cities instead of using the locations of modern cities with ancient names." It's an interesting map to browse around on. Theology meets technology with this one - A Bible Lookup API was actually used to create this Google Maps mashup. A For note, this is actually a KML file which can also be viewed in Google Earth. [Via]

Fun Map of World Leaders:

TerraIMS has a neat gallery of example Google Maps that they have created. Follow the link and you'll find the World Leader map in the list on the right-side. The maps, meant to sell their mapping services, also serve a fun purpose. The world leader map actually makes the info-window look like a speech balloon. Too funny! This company has created a Google Map for everything from world earthquakes and country GDP to US volcano's, aid missions and senators. Take a look!

Arr! Pirates on Google Maps matey! - It's hard to imagine that the antics played out in movies such as 'Pirates of The Caribbean' actually take place in present day. This Google Map is an eye-opener to the issue. The International Chamber of Commerce's anti-piracy bureau, the IMB (International Maritime Bureau) has created a Google Map of reported piracy incidents at sea. The accompanying press release is here.
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