Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Greek Google Maps Mashups


Defkalion Kalogridis of Athens, Greece dropped me a line to fill me on some new Google Maps applications he has been building related to his home country:

All cinemas in Athens.. Mapped! - This Google Map mashes up with the largest cinema portal in Greece (Cinemanews) by showing all movie theaters in Athens. Movies being played in each location, showtimes and articles are all displayed. The mashup also displays the locations of subway and tram stations to make visiting these theaters convenient.

"Blue Flag" Beaches and Marinas - Explore the beautiful beaches of Greece with this mashup. This mashup displays all blue flag beaches and marinas throughout the country. Each map marker links off to the BlueFlag.org website with information about the beach. In order to earn the international blue flag a beach must adhere to a list of strict criteria that includes displaying information, living up to certain water quality standards and other safety and environmental requirements.

Other Google Maps items for Greece:
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Google Sightseeing: Greece

Defkalion joins us as our new Greek correspondent here on Google Maps Mania! These maps serve as the first Greek Google Maps mashups mentioned on Google Maps Mania. If you know of more, please post a comment on this post to let others know!
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