Monday, September 04, 2006

Italy Google Maps Mashup Roundup

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Italy Google Maps Mashups!

When I last did my Italian roundup back in December '05 I could only find 2 Google Maps mashups for Italy. This was before street mapping was available for Europe and only satellite maps existed. Now more mashups have surfaced and I'm back with a roundup of all known Google Maps mashups for the country of Italy. Know of another one not mentioned? Add to this list by posting a comment! I've indicated what language the pages are in to help your exploring of these mashups. If you're interested to translate the Italian text to English or another language try the Babelfish Translator Tool..

Venice Google Maps Mashup - Here is a great English language Google Maps mashup for the city of Venice, Italy. Explore significant historical places of interest and discover this city's amazing charm by using the vivid, high resolution satellite imagery on Google Maps. Each point of interest has details about the location and some include multi-tabbed info windows with photos and event listings for that attraction. [English language]

Restaurants in Italy on Google Maps - Best described by the mashup creator: "Italians love food and foreigners love Italian food too, so we decided to build a community of people who enjoy dining out and like to share the favourite places with others. For sure all this in full web 2.0 style with tags, wikis, google maps mashups and everything." Here is an example of a Chinese restaurant search in Rome. "We also have geographical searches of restaurants in a certain city district and wiki features to allow people to correct the position of the restaurant on the map." [Italian language - for *now*.. English coming soon!]

Another Restaurant Mashup: + Google Maps - Appears to mash up an Italian restaurant website with Google Maps. [Italian language]

Blog Map for Italy - Looking to explore Italian language blogs in Italy? This blog map plots several with the URL indicated along with a short description.

How far is it to _______? - Click on the Google Map to select your location, then choose a category that interests you (book shop, hotel, computer point etc..). This tool will tell you how many kilometers it is to that point from where you are. [Italian language]

Tracking real-time planes in Italy - has created a maps mashup where real time plane journeys are tracked in live time on Google Maps. Standard airplanes are tracked in the north of Italy and ultralight planes are tracked in all of Italy. [English language]

Italy Google Earth KML file - Giulio Pons over at Italian music website brings us this Google Earth viewable KML file of interesting musical points of interest in Italy. (More Google Earth Italy search results on the Google Earth Blog) [Italian language]

Previously Mentioned Google Maps links, mashups and tools for Italy:
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