Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Realtime Google Map of California freeway speeds

The realtime Google Maps mashups keep on coming! My California Traffic is a new mashup of realtime freeway data collected from inroad sensors and Google Maps. By choosing your region of California and a major freeway from the list you can find out how fast cars are traveling right now. This helps gage traffic situations and places to avoid. Regions are divided between: North Central, Bay Area, Central, Central Coast, South Central, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego. In each area all major freeways are displayed and you can choose the direction you want to view information for (north/south, east/west). Multi-colored arrows will tell you how fast traffic is presently moving in each section of the highway (Check "What's all this?" for speed ranges of each arrow). A few handy features include a "Link to this page" link (similar to Google Maps) and a "clear traffic" trigger to remove highways you've already selected. The "What's All This?" link is something I believe every mashup should have. It gives an overview and use of the map, the technical ingredients that go into the mashup and credits to all people and sites that have brought it all together. This is a very useful mashup that people can use in everyday California life! (Slight warning - page can be a bit slow to load at times)
[Via ProgrammableWeb.com]
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