Friday, September 29, 2006

Starbucks Google Maps Mashup (Worldwide)

+ = Starbucks.. Mapped!

We've hit the motherload of Google Maps mashups with this one! Mississauga, Ontario based Pentura Solutions has created one of the coolest Google Maps mashups I've seen yet: All Starbucks locations from around the world! Residing on their FindByClick site this mashup is combining Google Maps with a database of 9,900 store locations from across the planet! Pan the Google Map around, zoom in and out or jump to a specific city from the provided list to find that next grande __insert 10 specifications here_.. latte! :) Pentura will be releasing a mobile version of this app sometime in the fall as well. For those of you that travel internationally, or live in a country where there are not many Starbucks locations this is an ultimate store locator tool to get your next fix! Enjoy! :)
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For those Canadian readers be sure to also check the Tim Hortons locator!
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