Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This NYC Google Maps mashup really stinks!

The folks over at the Gawker blog are at it again. First they created Celeb Tracker Gawker Stalker which stirred up controversy and caught the attention of mainstream media such as BBC World. They're back with their latest Google Maps mashup: Gawker New York City Subway Smells Map. The map, as the title indicates, plots subway smells based on Gawker reader submissions, by station throughout the city.

It's a raw and in your face map (I warned you!) that Gawker explains in this blog post: "..Careful study and rote memorization of the smell map will allow you to navigate the subway system without even opening your eyes. Of course, you'll have to train your nose to distinguish the local urine varietals at each station, but that's a small price to pay. Enjoy this finely interactive and cartographic work of investigative service journalism."

This mashup was constructed by Will James using a syndicated version of his NYC Subway map over on OnNYTurf.

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