Saturday, October 14, 2006

5 Interesting Sights on Google Maps

Attack of the Killer Bug on Google Maps - The giant bug discovered over Germany on Google Maps has made its rounds around the blogosphere over the past few weeks and I'm finally making my mention of it today. As Ted Timmons of Sightseeing with Google Maps tells us in the title for this find: "Apparently, a bug got squished on the map during the scanning process." Esa Ilmari has created a split screen view of this oddity to show where the bug was spotted.

Topless Sunbather caught on Google 'EARTH' - A find by GoogleSightseeing raised some eyebrows a few weeks back when they linked to what appeared to be a nude sunbather in the Netherlands. While this is more of a Google Earth sight (KML file linked) (Google Maps doesn't zoom far enough), It's still based on the same imagery that Google Maps uses. Proof of the popularity of this sight can be seen on this Digg entry which has over 3000 diggs. For more on this, check out this story by Stephen Hutcheon of the Sydney Morning Herald. Stephen has also created a video on Youtube that can take you to the location instead of opening it up in Google Earth.

A community shaped like a wheel - This next interesting Google Maps find comes from the popular BoingBoing blog. Some readers have posted some information about the weird community layout of Nahalal, Israel. A brief history and photos can be found here and on the post there is a document link to the obituary of the designer of this settlement. [Via BoingBoing]

First Russian shuttle found - This is an interesting Google Maps location of where the first Russian shuttle Buran is now resting. It appears from the links off of this satellite link over on Sightseeing with Google Maps that it was a bit of a mystery for some time. From some earlier pictures it didn't appear that it found its way to any sort of space museum. It now looks like it has a good home in what looks to be a park in Moscow.

Funerals being captured on Google Maps - This post from GoogleSightseeing shows how the satellite photography on Google Maps really does capture life happening.. and ending. If you were to drive by these scenes you might slow down to show respect and I found myself doing the same thing on the web when I saw this post. Many people have an odd curiosity when it comes to funerals.

Check out more odd and interesting sites at, Sightseeing with Google Maps or in one of the many "Collections" sites here on Google Maps Mania.
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