Tuesday, October 10, 2006

7 Google Maps Mashups: Chicago, Key West, Seattle, SF (and more)

Chicago Bring your Own Booze/Bottle Restaurants Mashup - Dr. Vino (Tyler Colman) is at it again. This time he has created a map of all restaurants that permit you to "bring your own" booze. From the map intro: "..Chicago is a BYOB city. There are more than 400 restaurants without a liquor license that allow you to bring wine (or beer). The blue pins are currently BYOB, the red pins are for BYOB restaurants that are 'a cut above.'" Check out his Chicago and New York Wine Shop Maps

Seattle, SF Housing Charts on Google Maps - Created by Altos Research Corp., this real estate maps mashup analyzes real estate market conditions in real-time. San Francisco and Seattle are the two cities currently available. Housing price charts are available and a zip code search shows you boundaries. For more information check out this blog post.

Key West, Florida Hotel Map:

Here is a new Google Maps mashup for those of you traveling to Key West, Florida. It plots hotel locations, along with info boxes that contain descriptions and a photo of the property and links for more info and reservations. The creator of this mashup notes that "..Even though Key West is a small island, about 2 miles by 4 miles, it's easy to pick a hotel away from the action. So I'm hoping that this new Google Map will help people visualize where they want to stay." Google Maps DIY site MapBuilder was used to create this mashup.

Other New & Updated Maps:
McDonald's Monopoly Game Stamp Tracker - Tracking the distribution of the McDonald's game stamps
Russian River Winegrowers Associate Map - Created by BPWebdesign
OnNYTurf New York City Subway Map update
FindMyRoof - Uses a cool floating Google Map view
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