Tuesday, October 10, 2006

8 new Google Maps mashups for European countries

Sweden: Study in Sweden Google Map - StudyInSweden is the Swedish government's official portal for students thinking of studying in Sweden. There are around 300 master's programmes taught in English at Swedish universities, and they are free for anybody to apply to and attend -- including foreign students. StudyInSweden exists to tell the world that you can study for free in English in Sweden (if you're good enough), and now it's just become easier to find out just where these universities are through this Google Maps mashup which helps you locate where these universities are located. Start with this page or click, then click on the link above to view the Google Map. Google Earth functionality also exists. [Via Steff at OgleEarth]

Belgium: Election Results - JRoller.com points us to this next mashup from Belgium which maps the countries recent election results. Drill down from main cities, then regions within the cites show graphed results. I like the zoom and map-view toggling icons which are used. (Belgian/French language)[via]

Belgium: Where to Tango - It takes two to tango, and with this map you can find out where to go in major cities across Belgium. Google Earth and YouTube is also integrated. (English language) [via]
All of Europe: Gay Travel - Maps for Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne, Granada, Lisbon, Madrid, Prague and Rome. Look for "city map" on each page. (English language)
All of Europe: Hotels - French language Hotel site for various cities in Europe. [Via ProgrammableWeb]
Greece: Mountain Refuges - Google Maps is combined with the Hellenic National Tourist Organization containing information about mountain refuges in Greece. Links to tourist site details also included. (bilingual English and Greek). [Via ProgrammableWeb]
Finland: Daily Gigs and clubs - Listings for Helsinki. (Finnish language)
Poland: City of Torun Map - (Polish language) [Via ProgrammableWeb]

..Coming Soon: Country Roundups for the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands
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