Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Amazing Race Google Maps Mashup

One of the cool parts about the Amazing Race is following teams as they travel to various parts of the world. As an avid traveler I love seeing the places they go to and the adventures they take part in. The discouraging part of the show's website is that it doesn't really give viewers the opportunity to explore places that are visited. To find a place from the show is a rather manual task on Google Maps or out on the web. The Jaunted.com Chasing Racers Mashup is back for episode 10 of the show to solve this for you. Tune in to this mashup after each show to zoom in to the locations that were visited on the show and explore Google Maps satellite imagery of these world locations. Chasing Racers has a great blog style update for each show with direct links to the map to explore further.

Google Maps TV Maps
Amazing Race 10 - Official Show Website
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