Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Annotating China with Google Maps

There's a new addition to the Chinese Google Maps world and it's helping people to share and learn more about China. EEMap.org is a Chinese language Google Maps community that works on a wiki-style of editing which enables anyone to edit items on the map. Hao Ye, EEMap's Operation Manager adds that "We focus on the user's feeling and the fun of the sharing." Additionally, placemarks can also be turned into KML links viewable in Google Earth.

If you're familiar with Chinese characters start by registering for a new account, then add or edit markers on the map. Explore the tabs along to top of the map to reveal user-added places, a tagcloud and ways to link to the map you create or embed it in your blog. Here are some examples of EEMap placemarks:
In addition to EEMap, Hao Ye is also going to help us keep up to date on new Google Maps mashups in China by adding himself as a Google Maps Mania contributor.

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