Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Create and share polygons and paths on Google Maps

I mentioned a site called Mapygon briefly this past weekend in my Tools Roundup Post but I thought it deserved a closer look for those that haven't seen it yet. It's an interesting concept that closely matches some other Google Maps annotator sites already in existence like Wikimapia or Tagzania. Mapygon differentiates itself by allowing you to quickly add "mapygons" (polygon shapes) around specific locations on Google Maps satellite views. It also allows for quick "path" creation to show a particular line on the map. Here are few examples:

Mapygon: Ch√Ęteau de Versailles:

Path: Great Wall of China:

You can add, share or explore world locations with this tool. When you add a mapygon you then create a clear, recognizable text address label for that location. Think a location is mis-represented? Switch into edit mode or contact the site to report an inaccuracy. To get in and do any of these features which I have explained just browse around the tabs on the right side of the interface. Mapygon is a nifty little tool that will let the world further annotate locations on Google Maps. Be sure to check out the popular tab as this site picks up in popularity
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