Friday, October 27, 2006

Google Maps find: Large face found on hilltop in Canada

The latest Google Maps satellite image discovery this week comes to us from my home country of Canada. Google geo-spotters have come across what resembles the side profile of a face etched into the top of a flat rock formation, in the hills of Alberta just east of Medicine Hat. Like many of the recent interesting Google Maps sights that have popped and have been discussed from around the blogosphere, this hill-face has also risen to popularity.

Native.. er.. Canadian.

In an effort, I'm sure, to sound politically correct many have described the face as that of an Indian, or "Native American". While that is all well and good, this face is found in Canada, so let's call him a Native Canadian as a technicality. ZDNet blogger Garrett Rogers is about the most accurate in his commentary in this post titled "Face on Earth, why it's interesting". In the post Garrett brings us some interesting facts about the area this is found in and why the face is relevant to the regional history.

Is that an iPod he's listening to?

In fine fashion Sydney Morning Herald journalist Stephen Hutcheon has added some humor to the find by pointing out that it looks like this guy is listening to an iPod. His story in The Herald's Tech section titled "This iPod user rocks" points this out. In reality, this is a road that leads to the area that would be his ear on the profile and the image makes it looks like he's listening to an iPod. Stephen also created a cool little vid that he uploaded to YouTube that uses Google Earth to show you where this face is located. I'm embedding it in the post here:

(If the video doesn't appear below click here..)

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