Thursday, October 05, 2006

Google Maps in context

Google and Apple collaborating?
C|Net - Oct.4/06
Rumour: iPhoto gets Google Maps?
MacWorld - Oct.4/06
Google maps link buried in iPhoto - Oct.3/06 [Thanks Jim!]
Google Mapping Hacks Co-Author "Served" from Google
Earth Is Square - Oct.3/06
Google opens block-long office in N.Y. - "The New York office was the origin point for the project that became Google Maps." (Photos here and Google Maps view)
AP - Oct.2/06
Wikimapia posters take aim at Southland landmarks
DailySouthTown - Oct.2/06
The Google Industrial Complex AND: Why Google Loves The Little Guys
Forbes - Oct. Issue
Map Quest
WIRED Magazine - Oct. Issue
Half Baked Idea: Google Mashup With Voting Records
Bex Huff - Sep.29/06
Issues With Google Airport Views Forums - Sep.27/06
Google Maps mentioned on Prison Break show
Faded Boxers - Sep.27/06
Virtually strafe your workplace with Goggles, a Google maps flight simulator
TGDaily - Sep.29
Google Maps vs. Yahoo Local: multi-billion dollar local search battle
ZDNet Blogs - Sep.28
There's a world out there for Google Earth
Financial Express - Sep.28/06
Annotating the Earth
MIT Technology Review - Sep.26/06
Universal McCann POV on Mapvertising
MIT Advertising Lab Blog - Sep.22/06
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