Monday, October 23, 2006

Google Maps mashup of Alexa traffic and BitTorrent trackers


Alexa Movers and Shakers by Country - Amazon-owned is a great service for navigating the web. Offering search and a web directory through its web crawling system, Alexa also uses an installed base of toolbar users to present traffic ratings for millions of sites. I've always been a big fan of the Alexa Movers and Shakers list. It's a great way to find out what's happening on the world "live" web and to see what user trends are happening in terms of web visits. helps to map this list of movers and shakers by using the Google Maps API and Amazon Web Services API to create a mashup called The World Map of Innovation. It takes the Movers and Shakers list and plots sites on the list by country and city onto a Google Map. It's a geo-visual way of browsing the list. Each map pin shows a traffic graph of that site with a link to Alexa to learn more. For a text-based representation of the list, check out AlexaRadar's main page.

I did notice a few usability issues with this mashup that I dropped the developer (Viktors Rotanovs) a line about. I found that panning the map around removes the available pins from the map. If this happens shift the map around a bit and they'll reappear. These are things he has acknowledged and will be fixing up right away. He's also going to be improving the map a bit more with some other features. If you have any suggestions for him, please drop him a line. Since this is a mashup you could potentially visit regularly, expect to see changes as time goes on.

In addition to the Movers and Shakers by country AlexaRadar also presents a Daily Reach Comparison Chart and a Fast Growth Matrix service.
[Via Wavesmash]


Mapping BitTorrent Trackers - If you're a BitTorrent user has created this next mashup that might be of use to you. It geographically maps available BitTorrent trackers from around the world. etorrents notes the following below the map: "..Please note that location of trackers is for illustrative purposes only. It may not, and mostly will not, show exact location of tracker." There is also a place on the site to submit a tracker.
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