Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Google Maps Tools for US Landlords and Real Estate Agents

Rentometer maps average rental prices:

Rentometer.com is a cool new Google Maps-powered tool that greets you with the following: "Charging too little for rent? Paying too much for rent? Enter your rental info below to find out!" - Enter Rental Address, City, State, or Zip (Try: 10022 as an example), Current Monthly Rent ($), Bedrooms and Units in, then click the "Analyze My Property" button. The next page is cool. Aside from sample properties being displayed on a Google Map the 'Rentometer' to the left begins moving to your entered rental amount as it relates to low median and high prices in that area. This is a great tool for renters or landlords who are setting the price of their rental properties.

Free Google Maps tool for Real Estate Websites - RentVine.com's MapVine service is a new Google Maps creation tool which allows real estate agents to put a map of properties on their website... for free! Start by taking out a free account, then watch this great little 3 minute video that MapVine creator Dave Dugdale has put together to help you out (something every mashup should so). He also has a small and large example of what the resulting map would look like on your site. This looks to be a simple, easy to use Google Maps site for the real estate community! [Via MapVine Blog]

More Google Maps Real Estate Mashups can be found here..

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