Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Google Maps updates satellite imagery again

Google has released yet another satellite imagery update for Google Maps! This comes on the heels of another recent update that saw many locations updated with even better imagery. I'll let a post from Google explain what areas have been further improved:

On October 3rd, we updated Google Maps and Google Earth with the following new imagery:

- Cross Plains, Texas
- the whole state of Minnesota, South Carolina, North Dakota, Missouri (updated to 2005), Idaho, Maryland, and now full coverage for the entire state of Texas
- Updates to Florida (most of the state covered now)
- 15 high-resolution cities in Germany
- update for London, 2006 data at 10cm
- South Georgia Island (courtesy of the British Antarctic Survey)
- Albany, OR; Lubbock, TX; Port Townsend, WA; Portage County, OH; Trumball County, OH
- 32 Digital Globe high-resolution cities (updates and new coverage)

In addition there was a significant update to the regular Digital Globe imagery all over the world.

As mentioned Google Earth imagery has also seen this update. Frank Taylor's Google Earth Blog has a post outlining this news with a good number of reader comments that elaborate on areas with new and improved satellite imagery. Check out GoogleSightseeing for more cool new locations as well. Who knows, maybe more sunbathers are now revealed?!

So this begs the question; with this new imagery can you now see your house on Google Maps? :)
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