Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Netherlands Google Maps Mashup Roundup

The Dutch Google Maps mashup scene is picking up speed so I'm back with my second Dutch post to round-up all of the recent examples..

Dutch Crime Mashup (Dutch language) - This Google Maps mashup uses a database of police records and lawbreaks and plots them on a map. The motto on the banner of the site indicates that there are "Already more than 62637 crimes" on this mashup. I really dig the icons that are used for the various types of crimes for this mashup. Pin design is often overlooked in most mashups and some time has been spent to make the pin markers interesting and descriptive. [Via Nederkaart]

Dutch Jeans Store Locator - Score.nl is one of the few Dutch businesses harnessing the power of Google Maps to let their prospective customers find their physical stores. Score has 65 stores in the Netherlands, 6 stores in Germany and 5 stores in Belgium and decided to create a Google Maps mashup to help people find one of the 65 locations in the Netherlands. Sharp, stylish map markers show geo-locales and info-windows contain store address and tools to help you map your route to that location. Web 2.0 technolgies are abundant on this retail website and others should take note: Google Video is integrated to show a fashion show of their clothing line, games, blogs and rss feeds are in play, as are Score content widgets for the Mac and PC! For a retail site this is *extremely* interactive! Well done.

Google Maps Mania of The Netherlands: Nederkaart - With interest building in the Google Maps API and other web 2.0 mapping technolgies Remco Kouwenhoven has created Nederkaart, a dutch blog to help you keep up with new mapping examples from the Netherlands that are hitting the web. Since Google Maps Mania can't always report on new examples as they happen Remco is on the scene to help you keep current. We'll hopefully get tips from him in the coming months on the very best to feature here on Google Maps Mania! :)

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