Sunday, October 08, 2006

Shop Oxford Street in London, England on Google Maps

Back on July 7th I introduced you to SuperHighStreet. The virtual shopping concept supported by Google Maps has just come out of beta and is now at Version 1.0. As they do so they also now include all 1.25 miles of Oxford Street in London, England. The virtual shopping interface allows you to walk down the street, view store fronts and click on them to go inside (You arrive at their website). As you move down the street a Google Maps aerial view shows you and the direction you're walking as you move. Street sounds and live webcams get piped in for the real shop-till-you-drop experience. Geo-commerce developer and founder Christian Simpson paints this picture of SuperHighStreet: "..Doing your shopping regardless of weather or time, with no crowds or hassle means someone in Tokyo could travel thousands of miles and in seconds have their Breakfast at Tiffany's, (and Fifth Avenue NYC soon)." Along with Fifth Ave in New York, Ocean Drive in Miami and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills are also queued up for this cool online shopping experience sometime in the future.

Other street also available:
Portobello Road (central) - Notting Hill, London
George Street - Richmond Upon Thames, London
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