Monday, October 30, 2006

UK Google Maps Mashup Roundup Part 5

London Tube Journey Planner adds bus routes - The previously mentioned London Tube Journey Planner tool has added a new bus routing search covering 350 bus routes that span 1265 bus stops. Geo-developer Dean Larman-Moore has this to say: "Its no surprise that most routes are quicker by tube but there are some that are quicker by bus Totteridge & Whetstone -> Arnos Grove is one example." Dean has also updated the map view by adding 2 more zoom levels, new satellite and hybrid overlays and a new postcode search.

UK Speed Camera Map undergoes a major update - If you're a motorist in the UK hopefully you have already checked out this mashup by Ben Charlton. It features a total of 10,420 speed and red light cameras mashed up on a Google Map. Of those 3831 are Gatso, Monitron and Truvelo cameras, 5419 Mobiles, 28 Temporary, 158 SPECS and 984 Redlight Cameras. For each camera type you can view the speed limit and camera type. Much of the improvement is due to Ben's update to Google Maps API V.2 (update before Nov/06) for the map.

New: London Random Pub Finder - Going to the same pub week after week? Need some help in finding a new place to grab a pint? Let the new Random Pub Finder choose, then map that pub for you! Better yet, start with this map and choose from one of the pubs plotted on the map of London. There are lots of other pub services aboard this site such as reviews, a pub crawl generator tool and a chain pub guide. Have one for me! :) [Via ProgrammableWeb]

Find the Wolly Mammoth - A promotion from Penguin Books sees a large beast being toured around. Track the progress on this map. [Via ProgrammableWeb]
London For Free - Looking for something to do in London? Check out this map of activities that won't cost anything. [Via ProgrammableWeb]
UK Parking fine hotspots - Read the Channel 4 article here.. - Google Earth is viewing is also available.

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