Thursday, October 12, 2006 is for Google Maps

Vincent Glennon from the West of Ireland has created neat little Google Maps tool called Useamap. Simply put, it allows you to save a Google Maps location with a simple URL without the need to register. Check it: TinyURL for Google Maps.. As you might know the Google Maps "Link to this page" option produces long addresses that often fill over two lines in an email, so Useamap solves this problem. You start by selecting a easy to remember address for others. I created one using gmapsmania. This made my Useamap URL: Next you zoom to a location, add a description, then save it. A status message confirms this was successful and you're now ready to share the Useamap URL with others. Parties, special events or news items are all examples of how this could be used. Each Useamap URL features comments so it makes it easy for others to discuss the mapped location.

With Useamap in it's first revision I think this is a great start. In terms of future enhancements I would definitely add in the ability to search Google Maps driving directions and perhaps a geocoding feature to learn more about that exact location (lat/long or postal address). I think it would make it easier for others to interact with the shared location. In saying that, it's a handy tool as is! :)

Be sure to check out the Useamap Blog for updates and info as well. Vincent has this to say to users of Useamap: "I hope this product will be seen in a small way as modern technology working for people, not working alongside them."

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