Monday, October 02, 2006

World Podcast Maps Mashup

Keir Clarke, creator of the popular Virtual Tourism world video maps mashup it at it again with a great new Google Maps mashup with global reach. This time it mashes up podcasts from various parts of the world and it's called: Podcast Map. Each map marker, once clicked, has an embedded music podcast that you can listen to right from the map! Give the player a few seconds to initialize before selecting songs from the list. If you're an iTunes user, you can also add these podcasts to iTunes (then your iPod). This is a great way to listen to music from different countries and geographically visualize where the music has been recorded.

The mashup was created using the Donkey Magic map maker site and the map is mashing up with podcasts from Podomatic. All of it gets posted to a Blogger template for presentation.

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