Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Big Google Maps API News!

API V.1 is dead.. and has UK Google Maps API geocoding arrived?

The day has finally come to retire Version 1 of the Google Maps API. I think this is a great day in the Google Maps mashup-o-sphere, and here's why.. First, it will clean away the earlier tinkerers of the API that didn't choose to pursue their app and second it forces those that were on the first version to move up to a much more feature rich API version with MUCH better map tiles, thus improving the landscape of mapping mashups and bringing consistency among all of them. It should give us a chance to see those progressive geo developers that have continued the updates and have pushed the improved mapping tiles and features down to users of their mashups. If you're scurrying to complete your upgrade see the Upgrade Guide here..

Here is the official post from the Google Maps API Blog:
Revision 2.67 of Maps API v2 Released - R.I.P. Version 1

Is UK geocoding finally here?

Another interesting observation by the UK-based Mapperz Blog is the apparent ability to perform UK geocoding with the current version of the Google Maps API. This was not previously available and while there appears to be no confirmation that this is official, most new features are out for a 24 hr (or so) period before a post is made on the API Blog. 2 separate screenshots show this capability in action and the Mapperz Blog invites you to request a link to a test page they have set up if you want to try it out. Check this post for more info..

Other News:

Marker Manager Mania - Google Maps API Blog points out a new way to help users display many points on a Google Maps mashup.

Polygons on Google Maps - This post from Google Blogoscoped points to further Google Earth/Google Maps interoperability..

Previous API Updates post.. (Stay tuned to the Google Maps API Blog for more updates!)
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