Thursday, November 23, 2006

Canada Google Maps Mashup Roundup Part 3

Some very exciting changes and updates to report from the Canadian Google Maps scene:

Toronto TTC Map shows streetcar and bus routes - If you're a Torontonian or someone that uses Toronto Transit system frequently you'll want to view this change made to the previously mentioned TTC Map over on - A map layer has been added to show streetcar and bus routes, in addition to subway and commuter rail which was present before. Toronto.. Awesome! -->

I've seen the web-based street level city explorer concept be attempted before and good maps were always the missing ingredient. That was before the current rise of new web 2.0 mapping services such as Google Maps. Here's a great effort to create that street level navigation interface by in one of North America's great cities: Toronto. It uses the power of Google Maps to bring together directions and business search in a fantastic way. Scoot down the streets by tapping the arrows on either end of the street view filmstrips. Enlarge the image to get a better view. The only suggestion I'd have would be to enable satellite viewing for the user. Yes, this detracts from the street images but I do think it would add a nice third layer of viewing to help the user see tops of buildings as well as the sides. Great job! [Via Emily Chang's eHub]

Canadian businesses discovering Google Maps for their websites:
  • Canadian Tire - Largest Canadian retailer includes Google Maps in its newly revamped website. To see it in action, click the Store Locator link.
  • The Keg Steakhouse and Bar - Major steakhouse franchise Google Maps locations for customers.
  • Pizza Pizza - Ontario pizza giant helps you find your neighbourhood location on Google Maps.
Canadian Google Real Estate Mapping News:
More new Canadian Google Maps:
Don't miss: Web Directions North Conference - Catch Google Maps mashup pioneer Adrian Holovaty (and others) at Web Directions North in Vancouver. Steffen Meschkat and Kaitlin "Ducky" Sherwood, from Google Maps, will be doing a whole 2 hour session on the business and technology of mashups. Event taking place Feb.6-7/07 in Vancouver, Canada.

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