Saturday, November 18, 2006

Find the Nintendo Wii with the Google Maps WiiSeeker

The launch day for the Nintendo Wii has arrived! I'm back with an earlier post about a Google Maps based tool that will help you track one down..


On Friday I posted about the Google Maps mashup that helps you find stores (and anticipated inventory levels) for the upcoming November 17th launch of the PlayStation 3. The same site that created that tool has just created a new resource for gaming fans getting ready for the Nintendo Wii called - The Google Maps WIIseeker. The tool helps you to anticipate what the inventory levels will be for the Nintendo Wii at stores (Target, Best Buy etc..) on the launch date, which is set at November 19th. It's a zip code based search that plots the store, address and directions, as well as the inventory level for that location.

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