Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Google Maps 7 Wonders of the 50 US States

Juan Taylor is back with a twist on his earlier 7 Wonders of the world Google Maps Mashup. This time he has created a Google Map for each of the 50 US states showing their 7 "wonders". Juan has also created a map which shows the 7 wonders for the USA (countrywide) as well. These 7 include the Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Walt Disney World, Lincoln Memorial, Grand Canyon and the Gateway Arch. This list may be considered subjective since I'm not sure if Juan is taking these places from a definitive list (if one even exists?) Regardless this mashup will show you highlights for each state and perhaps even a list of places for you to visit if you're visiting! Use the handy links to Wikipedia entries that Juan has linked off to and click zoom below each entry to use the Google Maps satellite imagery to explore each of these places. This is fun to explore, and teachers might even consider using this for a geography or history lesson..

Summary of "7 Wonders" mashup links:
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