Thursday, November 30, 2006

Google Maps historic world earthquake mashup

One of my favorite categories of mashups that I've been indexing here on Google Maps Mania are those devoted to Weather & Earth. Some of my top picks in this section include WeatherBonk, If Earth were a Sandwich and EarthTools. Many more in this list show us locations of everything from waterfalls to mountains. Take some time to look through this list. . there are some very interesting tools and mashups that can be very useful to you and especially helpful for teachers to use in lesson environments.

Adding to this list is a new mashup of out New Zealand that combines a historical database of approximately 7000 earthquakes from around the world. Created by Anthony Pengelly, features past earthquakes that can be plotted by geographic region dating back as far as the 1600's and by magnitude of earthquake. When selecting 8.8-10 magnitude earthquakes pre-1973 it appears that the northern part of South America seems to have been a hotbed of large earthquakes for three hundred or so years.. Anthony even caters to the Australian and New Zealander audience by creating two separate maps for those 2 countries. In each regional page Anthony cites the local earthquake database he is mashing up with to help you to understand where the data for each pin is coming from.

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