Thursday, November 09, 2006

Google Maps in context

A roundup of where Google Maps has recently been mentioned on the web, blogosphere and news world..

Google Maps and Pizza Coupons
Greg Sterling's Screenwerk - Nov.3/06
Location Signature for All News Reports with Universal Address Enhanced Google Maps - Nov.3/06
Ordnance Survey mash-up takes on Google Maps - Nov.2/06
Google Maps Testing Call Feature Post - Nov.2/06
Want to Evangelize the Google Maps API?
Google Blogoscoped - Oct.29/06
Google Base 2?
Google Blogoscoped - Oct.29/06
The influence of Google on Apple
OSWeekly - Oct.29/06
Adrian Holovaty to speak at Web Directions North
Event taking place Feb.6-7/07 in Vancouver, Canada
Mashups and the Enterprise - Oct.27/06
Google Maps turns into Apollo - Oct.25/06
Pentaho Integrates Dashboards BI Suite With Google Maps
TechNewsWorld - Oct.23/06
Bank robbed. Suspect fell into a "Trap Street"?
Bank-Anywhere Blog - Oct.20/06
Get Your Daily Plague Forecast - (A good article about the HealthMap mashup)
WIRED News - Oct.19/06
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