Thursday, November 09, 2006

Google Maps mashups for your career and job search

US IT Jobs Mashup:

Wayne Osse and his team have just launched MapMyJobs that will help you find IT related jobs in the US. With a simple front end, the site allows you to search by keyword or location and jobs are then plotted on a compact Google Map pane. You can also do a click-to-start search from the US map to find specific location-based jobs. Jobs look to be mashed up from sites like SimplyHired, Indeed and other jobs sites. In addition to searching for jobs you can also save jobs that you are interested in and rate and view ratings for companies.

Jobloft mashup appears on Canadian reality tv show:
Canada's own Google Maps jobs mashup JobLoft (read my previous review of this mashup) recently appeared on the CBC reality show Dragon's Den. Dragon's Den is a show where entrepreneurs are given a few minutes to pitch a panel of "dragons" (five Canadian business moguls) for investment in their idea. JobLoft won the minds of the dragons in their attempt and did receive investment! Read over this page for the comments on their appearance.
See the appearance on YouTube: Part 1 | Part2

GIS Jobs Map - If you work in the GIS industry you'll be right at home with this next mashup.. Find a job within the GIS industry ON a map! Developed by Terra IMS, Google Maps gets mashed up with job listings from the GIS Jobs Clearinghouse. While the bulk of the listings are in the US there are opportunities posted for locations in Qatar and Iraq. Keep an eye out for more. [Via ProgrammableWeb]

JibberJobber helps you map your professional contacts - JibberJobber is a new professional social networking toolset that will help you keep track of important relationships that you develop throughout your career. It allows you to not only manage your contacts on a Google Map (something LinkedIn doesn't even have yet!) but you can also turn the map markers into photos for that contact. Visualizing your contacts in a geographic way.. This is a very cool feature! My impressions of this feature should answer Jason's question. :)

Eluta helps Canadians find jobs - Eluta is a new Canadian careers site that provides the option to "Map" jobs in the results list.

Recent Google Maps Mania job maps mashup posts:

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Other Jobs-related Google Maps Mashups:
Do you know of other Jobs or Employment sites that are using Google Maps? If so, please post a comment to let others know about it! :)
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